The 2020 edtech hotlist

Our edtech and codesign team help address the sector’s biggest challenges. We’re working with Emerge Education to bring together edtech startups and our members.

Within the edtech and codesign team we find innovative ways to work with strategic leaders, startups and students. We want to enable new edtech ideas that can benefit the further and higher education sector. Edtech startups are innovators. A growing number of them are helping solve the big strategic issues facing universities and colleges. These areas include:

  • helping universities deliver the best, most equitable student experience
  • helping universities adapt to students’ evolving expectations about employability and career outcomes
  • expanding a university’s reach and attracting more (and more diverse) students
  • supporting universities to recruit, retain and develop world class staff
  • ensuring universities provide the most innovative, intuitive and effective assessment process
  • working with universities to ensure that they reach and exceed their research and innovation targets
  • helping universities to transform their digital and physical infrastructure

On 23 November we relaunched Step up. This is a Jisc service that aims to transform HE and FE by matching edtech startups with institutions to solve the sector’s biggest challenges. The Step Up programme supports colleges and universities to quickly and easily choose experienced and robust edtech startups, that will suit budgets; smoothly pass procurement processes; and encourage a culture of innovation within institutions.

The relaunch showcases a brand new concept, our 2020 edtech hotlist. This is a top list of recommended startups that are set to support the sector’s biggest challenges. Some of these challenges can be found in Jisc and Emerge’s series of “From Fixes to Foresights” reports: digital learning, assessment, employability, wellbeing and recruitment (the latter coming in 2021). Engaging with step up assessed startups through the 2020 edtech hotlist is a reliable and trusted way for institutions to bring the most innovative edtech solutions to their students, staff and operations.

The hotlist is a bit like a music chart that startups will either move in and out of. Some will graduate into an ‘established innovators’ group. Others might move out to make room for more relevant startups as the academic year progresses.

Every startup within the hotlist has been ‘Assessed by Jisc’. This means they have met strict sector requirements around procurement, data, IT and security. The assessment was developed in collaboration with HE senior leaders and helps the startups within Step up to answer common questions they would likely be asked when contracting with an institution. This speeds up the procurement process for both parties.

The startups within our edtech hotlist can expect some great benefits over the academic year. Certain startups will join our Innovation Lab. They are all invited to help to codesign our next Step up summit too. This is an opportunity for them to meet and talk with senior leaders from the sector. All our startups can use their ‘Assessed by Jisc’ badge on their website and promotional material to demonstrate that they’re a trusted edtech company.

The Edtech Hotlist is formed of the following companies:

  • Aula: Delivering engaging online classes
  • Bibliu: Bringing textbooks to life
  • Blackbullion: Helping institutions to build student’s financial capability
  • Enroly: Simplifying and making post-acceptance administration secure
  • Examity: Online proctoring, on your terms
  • Fika : Mainstreaming mental fitness
  • Fourth Rev: Driving employability in the digital community
  • Handshake: Powering university employability offices
  • Inkpath: Lifelong skills and career development platform
  • Interfolio: Making faculty specific scholarly data instantly actionable
  • Morressier: Providing virtual conference solutions
  • Note Taking Express: Advanced digital note-taking solutions to make education accessible for all
  • Open Campus: Drupal based campus management solution
  • Peergrade: Facilitating peer feedback sessions with students
  • Riipen: Cloud-based “Future of Work” experiential learning platform
  • Stucomm: Providing students with the right information, at the right time, via the right channel
  • Unibuddy: helping students thrive through sharing their experience
  • Unitu: Helping universities and student unions to deliver faster improvements to the student experience
  • Virtual Internships: A virtual internship program combining real work experience with a comprehensive learning and training program
  • Uniwise: Helping universities deliver secure and accessible digital assessment

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