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National centre for artificial intelligence in tertiary education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform teaching and learning, by providing a personalised learning experience that improves, among many things, social mobility and student wellbeing through AI powered personalised learning. This method allows every learner to choose the right education for their career pathway, reach their highest potential and acquire the skills required to thrive in a digital workplace.

We believe that taking a national, coordinated approach could accelerate this transformation by implementing the best AI solutions in our colleges and universities

Currently in discovery phase we are working with our members to identify priorities and needs.  the centre will focus on practical help and implementation of relevant AI products.

We are exploring a range of options including:

  • Identifying a portfolio of the most effective AI solutions on the market by testing whether they improve the learner experience in colleges and universities.
  • Implementing the portfolio of verified AI solutions at colleges and universities by providing a team of consultants who will help install the technology and train staff in how to use it
  • Developing a range of practical ‘how to’s’ and training resources
  • Building AI confidence and literacy among teachers and education leaders by providing an AI showcase that demonstrates how AI can be used in education
  • Developing a community of practice that enables sharing of knowledge.
  • Improving the AI skills of technical teams at colleges and universities by setting up a digital testing lab with AI building blocks from platform providers such as Microsoft, Google, and AWS
  • Developing new, groundbreaking AI solutions to augment the portfolio and address gaps in the market for tertiary education.

Find out more at Digifest 8-11 March:

Tuesday  13.40:  How to start exploring with AI? Practical ‘how to’ session with: Michael Webb, director of technology and analytics, Jisc

Tuesday  13.40:  State of AI in education 2021 Panel session  Jisc, Bolton College, Essex University, Basingstoke College of Technology, Keele University

Wednesday 13.00 A national centre for AI in tertiary education  Speaker: Andy McGregor, director of edtech, Jisc

Thursday 13.40  Towards ethical AI  Speaker: Andrew Cormack, chief regulatory adviser, Jisc

Want to know more?  Join our first meetup:

We’re holding our first AI Ed centre meet-up on Wednesday 17th March at 1pm – 2pm.   Come along and join us.

This will be an open discussion around AI in Education following the four sessions from Digifest. Come and share what you are doing with AI or discuss areas of education you want to explore how AI could be applied.

Find out more about the AI Ed centre and help us to shape the focus.  register

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