Horizons report on emerging technologies and education released

Horizon report

Horizon report

The first Horizons report was published last week as part of the Digifest conference. The report was developed and refined by the Horizons group which held its first meeting in December.

The report analyses the emerging technologies most relevant to the strategic and outlines challenges faced by the sector.

Each report focuses on a specific topic, this time we focused on a horizon scan of mental health and wellbeing.

The conclusions of the report have led to two co-design labs kicking off this week looking at mental health and well-being. One lab is exploring the idea of developing a data trust to allow different organisations to share data relevant to student wellbeing in a way that is transparent and trusted by students. The other lab is looking at the potential of developing a wellbeing bundle, a collection of quality-assured ebooks, applications and services that universities and colleges can purchase easily to enhance their wellbeing offer.

The Horizon group will meet next in June, and a second report will be released later in the year.

The report and accompanying infographic are available on the Jisc website to read.

If you are interested in the Horizons group work, or any of the topics in this report, please get in touch at innovation@jisc.ac.uk.

UPDATE: Sign up now for the next learnings webinar which will cover working with edtechs and digital capability.

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