Imagined Futures Workshop at Digifest 2024


Our workshop exploring the future challenges of higher and further education has been extensively piloted and is ready for launch. We are running 45-minute sessions, in person, on both days of the Digifest event.

Predicting the future is tricky, but we can start to imagine what it could be like. The educational landscape is increasingly changing with socio-political shifts, an emphasis on employability skills, and developing technologies such as generative AI, edge computing, and immersive learning platforms.

This workshop gets participants to think about the future by collaborating in small groups to face specific challenges that might arise, assess their potential impact and consider ideas for tackling them. By gathering and sifting through the most promising concepts, a vision for future institutions is being collaboratively constructed.

Thank you to all those who choose to take part in these events.

If you’d like to hear more about this work, please sign up for our Imagined Futures Workshop Jiscmail, where we hope to share:

  • The future visions that emerge from these Digifest sessions.
  • Background reading on the challenges facing education.
  • Workshop resources.

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