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What is the future of HE, FE and skills? How do we get there? What do you think is the ‘next big thing’ in edtech? How can we put your institution on the map? What would you love to do if only you weren’t firefighting all the time?  

We want to help you answer some of these questions and more, faster. 

Launching at the Association of Colleges (AoC) conference on 15th and 16th November, Jisc Pathfinders is a new member-focussed innovation programme where we invite institutions to partner with us to solve the biggest challenges facing education. 

You bring your experiences and vision; we bring the innovation practices and expertise. Together we make it happen. 

What type of ideas? 

Pathfinders is focussed on identifying and exploring what’s on the edge of possible. We want to work with you towards that future goal that seems just out of reach as day-to-day management and improvements to current services eats your time and resources. We want to help you realise ‘if everything was running perfectly, what would we do next?’ strategic aims. 

The ideas should be big enough to matter, but small enough to be manageable… we don’t think we could solve net zero challenges just yet! However, we could start thinking about things we can do to help get there eventually. 

What’s involved? 

You come up with the ideas, we’ll help you refine, research, validate and develop them using our proven innovation pipeline techniques and sector-wide expertise. We will work in close partnership with your institution over 3-6 months to take your idea from could to have. During that time, you will get to see and work with our proven innovation process and design thinking approach. 

What’s in it for me? 

While rapidly moving an idea from a line in your strategy to something tangible, your involvement in Pathfinders projects also: 

  • Focuses on institutional reputation. It puts your institution at the leading edge of the future in the sector 
  • Saves you time. We will help speed up the process through our Jisc’s proven product innovation and codesign pipeline 
  • Saves you resources. You will have full access to the capability, time and support from Jisc experts
  • Develops your institutional capabilities. Learn and experience how we do product innovation to help your own future change projects 

Interested? Next steps 

We are now open for expressions of interest and will be selecting projects shortly. Please contact the Pathfinders team via 

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