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Student Records – A sector-wide discussion

It is widely recognised across the HE sector that there is potential for improvement in the way that student records data is stored, managed, and processed at all stages of the student lifecycle.

We are working with UCISA and ARC on a project which initially aims to build a consensus on the challenges that members are facing managing student records. Our systematic approach to this research is important, as much of the discussion to date has been ad-hoc and not joined up.

So far we have interviewed 28 individuals from 18 universities representing a range of types of institution using different student record systems. In parallel we have carried out a sector-wide survey which attracted 148 responses from 72 institutions, giving us interesting quantitative and qualitative insights.

Our research will continue into 2023 and we look forward to sharing our findings with members as soon as possible.

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By Sam Thornton

Product Lead, Edtech & Co-Design

2 replies on “Student Records – A sector-wide discussion”

Hi, I’d be really interested in seeing where you go with this. We are pouring money into getting Tribal’s SITS Vision to deliver what we need. I am amazed that no company appears yet to be offering a system based on modern software that manages the entire student lifecycle from prospects and conversions though admissions and all the engagements with students, and as alumni after they leave. It’s not clear whether Banner or Peoplesoft are significantly better. I’d love to hear where your conversations have gotten you to so far.



Hi Gordon, we’ve responded to you directly but for visibility we have a meeting with the UCISA/ARC working group in a couple of weeks to agree next steps. We are also in the process of writing a report detailing our research findings and some next steps which will be shared with the sector so keep an eye out.

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