Engaging with Edtech in 2023

Having spent the last two years working with the sector and understanding their needs around the edtech market; we have learnt that a big priority for our members is to have access to insightful information about this market. There has been an incredible number of changes since 2020 and we aim to make sense of it all for our members and deliver it directly to your inbox.

Our Engaging with Edtech series of reports and supporting blog posts aims to provide an analysis of what is currently happening in the sector, future edtech trends and developments across this complicated market. The idea is to help our members have access to global edtech insights, what is hot and why, detect early signs of change and how this could potentially impact the Higher Education Sector. There is no doubt that edtech will remain at the forefront of learning throughout 2023. One of the biggest priorities for institutions is to evaluate the use of the tech they have already invested in and determine what works and what doesn’t. We imagine that once this tech inventory has taken place, universities will look to integrate these tools as much as possible and focus on products that clearly demonstrate positive outcomes for students. From new start ups on the scene to developments in Learning Management Systems, we aim to do all the research for you

Through our analysis we can help our members:

– Understand important developments and themes occurring globally in the edtech market.
– Hear about how technology is being used to drive diversity in higher education.
– Keep up to date with new innovations.
– Hear about how their peers are integrating technology across institutions.
– Learn about upcoming trends and the potential impact it could have on the sector.
– Understand potential threats, problems and challenges that are arising.
– Provide information from a global perspective that is perhaps beyond familiar horizons.
– Hear shared experiences about how technology is helping institutions become greener.
– Help contribute to insightful and forward-focused digital strategies.
– Identify weak signals & potential new game changers in the global edtech market.
– Learn about exciting new start-ups and the impact they are already having.
– Streamline a complex web of edtech information and deliver it all in one place.
– Read about how global institutions are delivering new learning experiences.
– Find out more about how EdTech will play a massive role in transforming the educational landscape.
– Learn about how educators aim to deliver more personalised and effective learning experiences based on student’s preferences.
– Understand more about what motivates investors in the edtech industry.

Our report topics and release dates:

Topic 1:
Global Overview and priority investments in 2023

We want to help our members understand where global edtech investment is being directed next year, why that is happening and what the investment goals are. We will also be writing about popular edtech trends and looking at how they could impact and change the higher education sector.

Release Date:
Feb 2023

Topic 2:
Greentech and Sustainability

Sustainability is an increasingly important priority at Jisc (you may have seen our recent report (Exploring digital carbon footprints) and as part of this we have put together this issue of our new edtech newsletter focusing on the role technology can play in reducing the education sector’s carbon footprint. This edition will also focus on greentech (also known as cleantech and ecotech), why it is important, the benefits for universities collaborating with cleantech companies plus the potential pitfalls that await institutions who simply refuse to get their ‘green on’.

Release Date:
April 2023

Report 3 (release date May 2023 and Report 4 (release date Summer 2023) 

The topics will be decided nearer the time. We will ensure these are based on member priorities and requests.

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